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Why donate?

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1-"Building a better and more just society depends on children's rights guarantee and adolescents" - UNICEF;


2- Since 13 years ago we collaborate to positively transform the lives of children and youth as well as their families and community, through unreleased, accessible and viable solutions.

Our work has been recognized nationally and internationally at institutions such as UNICEF, FINEP, IDSA and others. These recognitions are the result of hard work and committed to the inclusion of all children. disAbled or not, creating solutions that can be used in Brazil and around the world;


3- Your donation will improve the lives of disAbled children living in high-risk situations enabling often unique opportunities to experience the everyday;


No matter how much you donate, your donation will represents the ability of these children to play together with others, to study with fewer disadvantages and to socialize as equals.


Donating is easy and allows together transform the world into a more prosperous, fair and inclusive place.



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